K-Seaweed is the freshest source for sea vegetables. We go directly to the source and develop connections with people who harvest this sea vegetable. We have developed a close communication with them so we know exactly what they are harvesting. Our Naruto wakame is known for its fresh moist taste and wonderful crispy texture. It is from Tokushima where we have close connections with the local fishermen. Sanriku wakame is known for its sweet and meaty texture. It’s from Tohoku where we have established a direct association with the National Federation of Fisheries Co-operative Associations. For that reason, we are able to offer you quick delivery and great prices.

Are you looking for a seaweed experience?
Because of our products freshness, our seaweed is versatile for cooking not only Japanese style meals but many other types of cuisines, and can be used it just like any other vegetable. Our seaweed absorbs flavor in a short amount of cooking time so it is great for cooking or in salads. In a matter of seconds, you can prepare a special meal.