JAPANESE SUPERFOODS by Yumi Komatsudaira

Yumi grew up in her family's seaweed shop, snacking on the green treats on which her family built their health-based culinary business. Now she shares the secrets of healthy eating that have guided the Japanese for ages. Click here to order your books!

12/07/22 Japan Society (webinar) Superfoods and Other Secrets of Japanese Cuisine 
01/03/23 Book Launched Party at Enoteca Maria, New York 
01/11/23 Kinokuniya, New York (online)
01/12/23 FoxnoMad Podcast (online)
01/19/23 The Well-Seasoned Librarian Podcast (online)
01/28/23 New York Public Library on 53rd St, New York (2-3pm) (in-person)
02/02/23 Epicurean Unicorn Podcast (online)
02/20/23 Japan Eats Podcast (online)
03/15/23  Yu and Me Books on 44 Mulberry St, New York (7-8p) (in-person)